Product Care


Nubuk and suede should be wiped with a damp sponge once every few days, or cleaned with a special nubuk or suede brush.


Before wearing the shoe for the first time, a protective layer of the suitable sealant spray should be applied to the shoe according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will seal the shoe against damage by water and dirt.

Note: The flexi footwear lines (Scandinavian, Allegro, Cosmopolitan, Floral, Vista and Hombre collections) are not waterproof, as the upper is stitched to the sole by hand.


Prevent the shoe from coming into contact with water and moisture. Drying the shoe in front of a heater or in direct sunlight may damage it. Be sure to polish the shoe once a week with an alcohol-free shoe polish.


Staining may occur in the initial period of use. The inside of the shoe can be sprayed with a protective anti-staining substance. Wearing dark socks in the early stages of use is recommended.


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