Technical Information

Durability and Quality

NAOT Footwear is highly durable thanks to the use of materials of the highest quality and our strict quality control. The materials have been specially developed and adapted to withstand the conditions of varying climates and environments around the world. The upper is made of fine natural Italian leather that breathes and keeps the foot fresh. The footpad is made of natural materials that are shock-resistant and absorb perspiration. The sole is constructed of high-quality rubber, polyurethane and latex that retain flexibility and are highly resistant to erosion.

Support and Massage

The NAOT footpad possesses a supportive anatomical structure that encourages a natural and correct posture. The innersole adjusts to the foot like a footprint in the sand. This alignment improves within a short time of wearing the shoes, so the feeling of comfort increases as time passes. The anatomical support distributes the weight of the body equally over the entire foot, massaging and releasing pressures caused by other parts of the body. The footpad is particularly wide and enables the foot to rest and relax. The flexible, shock absorbent sole enables the foot to move gently and continuously.

Orthotic Friendly

In many instances, people who wear orthotics find they do not need their orthotics when wearing NAOT shoes and sandals, as the cork/latex innersole provides proper support and alignment for feet, hips and knees, with much greater comfort than a hard orthotic For those who do need to wear their orthotics at all times, in a wide selection of the NAOT styles the cork/latex innersole is removable, allowing for the easy use of custom made orthotics.


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